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Murphy tells him the truth about how Charlotte killed Wells because she could not kill Jaha. Jaha tells Murphy they’ll rest at the drop ship for a while. He tells Murphy about the City of Light and how he wants to find it and lead his people home. Later, Murphy awakens to find a group of people outside the drop ship.

Clarke stops him and convinces Bellamy to banish Murphy from The Camp instead. When the group is leaving, Finn leaves behind a weapon for Murphy to defend himself with. In Season Six, Murphy is part of the team sent to Sanctum where he finds himself seduced by the promises of immortality for himself and Emori offered by Josephine Lightbourne.

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Murphy swings a punch and everyone starts fighting, with Octavia and Kane trying to break it up while Jaha watches smugly. Later, Murphy is busy mopping floors when Jaha tells him he got him off work detail because he wants Murphy to take Jaha to Wells’ grave at the dropship and hands Murphy a gun. In Inclement Weather, the Ark Guards bring Murphy into the stockade at Camp Jaha and tie him up across from Bellamy.

Jaha realizes they’ve walked into the middle of an unmarked mine field. They have to wait for a sandstorm to clear while they sit in the middle of the mine field. Once the sand stops blowing, they see all of the footprints are gone.

Was Murphy Always Planned As A Main Character?

Raven reveals that she needs the help of Clarke, Murphy and Emori as they are Nightbloods which will help to protect them from the deadly levels of gamma radiation the reactor is giving off. Both Clarke and Murphy volunteer Clarke for the job, but Clarke can’t be spared as she needs to focus on “Russell’s” execution. Instead, Raven assigns Emori to fixing the reactor control rods while Murphy will wait outside and take over if Emori can’t finish the job in 60 seconds. In The Dark Year, Raven, John, Emori and Echo are hiding in a cave with Shaw, Diyoza and Kane. They notice that McCreary has called off his people from hunting them and is moving them to strategic positions. They figure out that Clarke must have betrayed them to McCreary.

They start discussing how Luna doesn’t want to be the last person on Earth. She also tells him that she understands what it’s like to hate oneself. Luna begins to explain how her Nightblood is a symbol of violence that led to her killing her own brother. She tells him that he can find peace, but he says that peace is overrated. Raven gets more frustrated about having the inability to figure things out, Murphy shows up and tells Raven that her quest for perfection is the problem.

Murphy approaches Raven and tells her that it’s time to leave. She tells Murphy that she’s not going and that she’s dying. Murphy then notices a spacesuit and asks Raven if her plan is to go to outer space. She then asks him if he knows what it’s like to be in pain all the time. Raven then tells Murphy to tell the others that she floated herself.

Using their torches, the group drives off the swarm and seals up the machine shop on Bellamy’s orders in order to keep them out. Clarke arrives carrying a bag before they can finish sealing off the machine shop and explains that it contains anti-toxin from the farmhouse. Cadogan realizes she wants to use it on Madi, but Clarke states that there’s enough for everyone, although Clarke was thinking of her daughter before Cadogan.

While the couple was in Southwest Wyoming, they had a fight and went separate ways, her sister said. In January 2013, Alcala pleaded guilty to killing Crilley and Hover in New York and was sentenced to 25 years to life, the highest sentence possible. Alcala, then 66, represented himself in his third trial in 2010. In 2003, former Orange County prosecutor and ABC News contributor Matt Murphy was assigned to the case. By then, there had been significant advancements in DNA technology so he had the jewelry found in Seattle re-examined. The DNA evidence returned matches to Charlotte Lamb, Jill Parenteau, Georgia Wixted and Jill Barcomb.

It seems like Bonnie is the one who ignited the divorce as she was secretly dating David Letterman on the back of her husband, John Murphy. Bonnie and Letterman worked together on The David Letterman Show, and the rumor started that she is dating Letterman. She even announced her divorce officially on the Letterman show. Bonnie and her husband John, who is an investment banker, married in the year 1988. Their 18 years long marriage did last forever as they went through a bitter divorce in 2006.