We need to change them by such a holiday and did you ever think that? Our hotel and training center does not search friends, their homes. Animal hotel in Antalya, Side by Side, that `in the service will not be worrying. Training completed and loyal friend who vacation in a more dynamic, more intelligent, and you will see people happy.

They have folks looking for an abandoned or derelict training center. You can choose one yourself. Checked by a veterinarian in the past, healthy, educated in the right place you are looking for a loyal friend.

A total of 1150 m² and it accounted for over 150 square meters, each of which is covered 4 square, 4 m² open. 20 Dog Capacity, 10 Piece Box there. Education and open space for the navigation area 1000 m² var.Box separately in each of the soft cushions and chrome plating, drinking water and food containers var.Hotel as our licensed veterinarian from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs operates under control.

New techniques applied to the positive side of the education system of dogs die in animal hotel, fuel and training methods scare them is forbidden.

Puppy dog training, obedience training, protection training, sports training, toilet training, as well as special education and preschool education in the hotel in the side of animal training dog training school diploma is completed with success.

Your friend returned home to complete her education in a more intelligent loyal, obedient, and you will see the dialogue than just recovered from a peaceful and happy.

Veterinary Control; Pets vaccinated, such as parasitic medication can make periodic checks, health screening or a complete check-up can be done as a result. Equipped with a telephone when you can not come to our team of experienced tool and cat / dog in the transplant clinic provides confidence.

Optional Maintenance
Training facility for staying or returning to their homes of the dogs, wash, shave the hair is done and the necessary treatments. Your dog may be purchased from home or from the airport.

Kastratsion and maintenance can be done
Prevents growth of many problems in the future to live with Kastration prevents.

Production and Sales of breeding cats and dogs are made with the production. When you decide to include a cat and dog life in your own productions or abroad, negotiated our FAQs puppy farm supplies are provided. This is a pure breed cats and dogs and health is guaranteed.

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