Harry Potter: 10 Sirius Black Tattoos Devoted Fans Will Love

Thus; by the will, Harry inherited 12 Grimmauld Place, Buckbeak, Kreacher, and the remaining Black fortune. Having no great love for 12 Grimmauld Place, the house that held so many painful memories for Sirius, Harry chose to give it to the Order of the Phoenix for their continued use as SwingingHeaven Headquarters. Kreacher, forced to serve Harry by Black’s will, was sent to work as a Hogwarts house-elf in the school kitchens (an imposition which did nothing to improve Kreacher’s hatred of Harry). Buckbeak passed back into Rubeus Hagrid’s care under the assumed name “Witherwings”.

The way she gave out the excuses for breaking up with him, like she didn’t really believe what she was saying. He wanted her, needed her, and he was going to make her need him too. She breaks up with him, giving the excuse that they are “too different”, and the night before made her realize that it “wasn’t going anywhere”.

Sirius Believed that Regulus Was Killed by His Fellow Death Eaters

He insists on accompanying Harry to the train station while disguised in dog form—and doesn’t behave much like a dog, giving himself to Lucius Malfoy—and other excursions because he’s restless. Sometimes, it seems as if Sirius Black just can’t behave like an adult. Perhaps a life spent either in prison or on the run wasn’t conducive to his emotional development.

She quickly relaxed when he made some jokes about how dating stinks, and about some of the crazy girls he’s gone on dates with that made him wish he was stood up. He made Marlene laugh, taking cracks at some of the older people around them that had looked down on her. He was charming, and extremely handsome, the night really turned around.

After Hogwarts

While they make for good movies, the Harry Potter adaptations leave a lot out. In fact, one of the most consistent criticisms that the series faces is that they completely butcher the source novels. Whether it be through poor character adaptations or just leaving massive chunks out of the story, the Harry Potter franchise could have been more faithfully adapted. The friendship between Sirius and Remus is one of the most important in Harry Potter, and here’s what the movies left out. • one of your kids would be named Regulus, in honor of the sacrifices Reggie made to defeat the dark lord.

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“Well, bad times like that bring out the best in some people and the worst in others.” – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. “You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us?” – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He clearly had a lot of ups and downs in his journey, but this contributed to why he got so much knowledge and wisdom. ” peter whined, not the least bit affected by what he just saw, but more that he wasn’t there to witness the good part.

The Grim, which was an omen of death, was a black dog, similar to Sirius. When Tonks went to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, she left her infant son in the care of his grandmother. It’s unknown how she took the news of her daughter’s death at the hands of her older sister, Bellatrix. One can assume that the loss of her only child was devastating.

Sirius also spent some of his time in the Shrieking Shack planning various ways in which to catch Pettigrew. By 1985, Sirius’s mother died, leaving the Black house-elf Kreacher alone in the house, which was thus left abandoned. Marked as Prisoner ᛈᛉ390, Sirius was placed in solitary confinement at the mercy of the Azkaban guards, the Dementors. Since Dementors have difficulty sensing the less complex emotions of animals, he was able to remain relatively unaffected by them. Although he later considered himself “an idiot” during this time, Sirius, along with James were immensely popular.

Andromeda had selected the first name, which her daughter strongly disliked, preferring to be known simply as “Tonks” by her friends. She was the second daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black (née Rosier), and younger sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and older sister of Narcissa Malfoy. Walburga and Orion Black were her aunt and uncle on her father’s side, and Sirius and Regulus Black her cousins.

Fred and George Weasley liked Sirius, and they all joked together; Rubeus Hagrid once compared Sirius and James to Fred and George. A rare bump in Sirius’s relationship with the twins occurred shortly after Arthur was wounded by Nagini, and Sirius forbade the Weasley children from visiting their father before it was safe to do so. Ron owned a rat named Scabbers which, unbeknownst to him and the rest of his family, was actually Peter Pettigrew in disguise. With his mind and heart firmly set on murdering Pettigrew for his treacherous betrayal, Sirius snuck into Hogwarts and approached Ron’s bed, knife in hand, with the intention of killing the disguised rat. However, Ron awoke, saw Sirius and, frightened out of his wits, screamed, alerting the whole dormitory and forcing Sirius to flee for his life.

Sirius was described as a powerful wizard by his former teacher, McGonagall. Remus also once stated that he had been one of the cleverest Hogwarts students of his time. Half-crazed and desperate, Sirius sneaked into Hogwarts through the old passageway from the Shrieking Shack and on one occasion slashed the Fat Lady’s portrait when she refused him entrance to Gryffindor Tower on 31 October, 1993. Later, he came to view the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. During the match he witnessed Harry’s excellent flying skills, which he later commented mirrored James’s skills. He accomplished this with a list of passwords Crookshanks had stolen from Neville Longbottom and shredded Ron’s bed-curtains in his search for “Scabbers”.

‘ He threw the rest of his sandwich aside and strode purposefully from the room. Remus realised it must have been something far worse than usual that James had done to him. Remus looked down at the inches-thick ancient tome in his hands, with it’s worn pages dusty with age. ‘Right first time,’ he conceded with only the barest hint of sarcasm. “You and your partner are so cute.” She sing-songs and Remus smiles back softly, glancing over his shoulder towards Sirius, who is looking back with an equally soft smile. Sirius opens his mouth to continue, but Remus ducks his head and gently kisses Sirius properly instead, warm and soft.