Outer Banks: 10 Fun BTS Moments With The Cast

“We looked at each other and we were, like, ‘Oh, wait, this could be really cool and romantic.’ It ended up being this super serendipitous thing where it ended up being kind of like The Notebook.” Three months after taking home the statue for best kiss with Stokes, Cline shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that Sarah and John B’s epic kiss wasn’t originally supposed to happen in the rain. In June 2020, OBX fans got the confirmation they’d been waiting for when Stokes made his relationship with Cline Instagram official by sharing photos of them picnicking at a beach. Though their off-screen romance was still unconfirmed, Cline revealed to Seventeen that she and Stokes added their own touches to the Outer Banks script to make Sarah and John B’s romance feel more authentic. When Netflix released Outer Banks in April 2020, viewers couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between Stokes and Cline, igniting rumors of a real-life relationship.

February 23, 2023: Madelyn Cline says Outer Banks set is still a “safe space” after breakup with Chase Stokes

Back in June 2020, they made their romance Instagram official when Stokes posted photos of their beach date. To combat that feeling of being wrapped up in social media, showrunners intentionally left cell phones out of the show. This helped emphasize John B’s friendship with the Pogues. Although the characters are mostly said to be around 16 years old, the cast is much older than that. This fact, of course, isn’t exactly breaking new ground, since most actors who play teenagers tend to exceed the age of their characters by a pretty substantial number of years. Since her split from her Outer Banks co-star, there has been a lot of interest in who Madelyn Cline is dating and if she has a new boyfriend after her breakup with Chase Stokes.

The Perth-based accountant interrupts Cam before he has a chance to speak, then proceeds to tell the outback tradie how she really feels about him. This BTS photo proves that the Pogues and Kooks get along perfectly well when they’re not filming. With Chase, Jonathan, Rudy, Drew, and Austin all hugging each other, it’s one happy family on theOuter Banks set. Fans agree that it’s weird seeing this group so close in a candid shot but it goes to show how spot-on their acting is.

The North Carolina native opened up about her pansexual identity in June 2020 and revealed her relationship with Mariah Linney, a University of North Carolina Charlotte women’s basketball player, the same month. “I have very accepting friends, a very accepting family, an industry that’s very welcoming and very accepting,” Bailey said during a virtual Q&A at the time. Daviss plays Pope, one of John B.’s best friends who’s the smartest Pogue by far. The series follows Pope as he’s peer pressured by his friends and makes bad decisions that could jeopardize his acceptance into an elite university that will serve as his ticket out of the OBX.

Are Sarah Cameron and John B dating in real life? Outer Banks star’s love life explored

I’m probably blushing right now.” A source also told People magazine in February 2023 that Guthy was Cline’s date at the Outer Banks season 3 premiere that month, where they were seen kissing and cuddling. After John B injures himself during a bike crash delete flirtbuddies com after trying to escape CPS, Sarah finds him on the side of the road and offers to take him to the hospital. He then convinces her to sneak onto a tugboat and travel to the University of North Carolina to look at documents Ward donated to the school.

“We actually never met. She did season 2, I did season 1. We didn’t meet until, like, a week and a half or two weeks before we started Outer Banks.” The cast of Outer Banks includes rising stars like Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow and more, and the series will welcome some new faces in its third season. Fans, co-stars and friends of the couple swarmed the comment section, freaking out over the news and congratulating the two of them. The morning when John B got out of jail, he was extremely worried about Sarah once he found out that she hadn’t come back from meeting Wheezie last night. Sarah is ecstatic to see that her husband is out of jail, an John B is very relieved to see that she is alright, but not happy about Topper being there.

Also falls in love with Sarah Cameron, his boss’ daughter and the Princess of the Kooks, an elite, wealthy community in town. And Sarah aren’t supposed to be together, but as teen dramas are, the two fall for each other—fast. Fans are dying to know who Chase Stokes’ girlfriend is following his split from Outer Banks co-star, Madelyn Cline—especially after recent romance rumors started pointing toward a certain country singer. Here’s the latest on who Chase is dating now and a recap on his past relationships… Shortly after Riverdale began in 2017, Reinhart and Sprouse began dating off screen, as their characters dated on screen. Us exclusively revealed that the twosome split in July 2019 ahead of the season 4 premiere.Reinhart confirmed that they were back together two months later.

Before joining Cosmopolitan, she was the entertainment editor over at Seventeen. She is also a member of the Television Critics Association and the Latino Entertainment Journalists Association. Chase Stokes, who plays John B., also opened up about the finale, saying that the biggest challenge will be survival for the two lovebirds. After season 1, for every episode where they broke up, it was the seventh episode of a season.

Madelyn Cline’s real-life relationship with Chase Stokes

Us confirmed in May 2020 that the twosome called it quits for good. Chase and Madelyn went Instagram official in June 2020, after months of speculation from followers, and promptly became “couple goals”. They’ve not only been quarantining together, but they’ve also been sharing a lot of adorable photos on social media. In November 2020, Madelyn revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they are in love.

Putting the contemporary knowledge that the two are now an Instagram official couple aside, John B and Sarah’s romance heats up at a surprisingly fast clip. In fact, at the start of Outer Banks, all evidence suggests that John B is destined to hook up with fellow Pogue Kiara . Though the two have an awkward flirtation, they agree to be friends. And almost immediately, John B and Sarah fall fast and hard for each other in a way that feels so organic, it reminded me more of when the Gossip Girl writers quickly paired Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass together. That is, the romance wasn’t in the plans, but the actors’ chemistry was so undeniable, you had to just let it happen.

“Thank you for making the coldest days warm, for your infectious love, and being the best dog mom to Lil mi,” he added. On the show, the lives of Sarah and John B obviously changed when they got together, as they were forced to run away together on a boat in a summer storm to escape Sarah’s evil dad, Ward. In an April 2020 interview with Glamour, she explained that she’s been in “toxic” relationships similar to Sarah’s romance with Topper, which is how she related to the character and her love of John B.

Before they nabbed their roles in Outer Banks, Cline and Stokes both played small roles in Netflix’s Stranger Things, with Stokes having a quick scene in season 1 and Cline having a brief appearance in season 2. While some fans assumed the pair crossed paths while working on the hit sci-fi show, they didn’t actually connect until April 2019, right before Outer Banks’ first season started shooting. “The show coming out was already a pretty big life change,” Cline told Entertainment Tonight. “I think we were just wanting to kind of give it some time and enjoy it while it’s new and fresh and just kind of keep that to ourselves.” Tamara Fuentes is the newest Affiliate Enjoyment Editor in the Modern, in which she discusses Tv, films, instructions, famous people, and much more.

As it turned out, we learned by the end of the first season that Ward actually killed John B.’s dad, which is bound to cause some friction between him and Sarah. After months of reconciliation rumors, it seems that Stokes and Cline have called it quits for good. The Outer Banks star confirmed to TMZ that he’s dating Ballerini. To fans’ delight, Stokes sparked reconciliation rumors on Feb. 28 when he shared two cast photos on Instagram ahead of Outer Banks’ highly-anticipated third season.